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Kraft scenarios please and Sticky: Forum Leader needed for Shaws. Sticky: New Shaws Roll Call. Sticky: Shaws Coupon Policy. LU ANN. Skippy peanut butter. Bar S Rebate. Weekly Coupons. Shaws Items of Interest. Mommy Ingraham. Cheap Kelloggs at Shaws. Schick Hydro Power Select 5 razor clearanced. Anyone playing the Monopoly Game?? Yakisoba noodles and Marachun bowls. Krazy Qpn Chic. It's - where is everyone from? Marcal possibly free. Colgate tooth paste unadvertised sale.

Lets do this. My e-mail: chess yahoo. Email me kewpiereyes gmail. Willing to split, need S If you have it please provide your e-mail. Would be willing to buy ur r for cash or sell u r email me if interested mmslagle gmail. I have R Please email me if you want to buy or sell. I would be willing to sell it to you. Have X, willing to sell. Contact me at deekitchen comcast.

I found and bookmarked this page on or about Feb. It appears this page has not been updated since? Do the "rare" pieces remain the same now as then? I just got the monopoly game tickets today and I registered already but it tells me to put the code in but it keeps saying inccorect. Can anybody help me is the a trick? Just keep licking your stamps on your gameboard k.

I think not! I'm not sure how this works. Does that mean I go into a drawing with like a million other people? Seems pointless. It was fun anyways Such a sham! Shoot me an email at alexmccombe gmail. I'm not paying postage. You'll have to mail me a stamp. Have fun. Just need v, can sell mine or split or whatever we work out. You have semi rare pieces, not rare pieces Rare is the value, semi rare is a decoy Email me at mandirae hotmail. I have 2 X T I need , , and email: hert gmail. This is a bit odd if we go by numbers, since probability of finding 1 out of 36 is higher than finding 1 out of It smells fishy in here My Email: Lizzy att.

Thanks :. Email me at - moxie yahoo. It seems some winners win more tickets, and currently those tickets are simply duplicates of the ones we have.

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In addition to agreeing with earlier comment that this game distribution is regionalized, and chances would be improved if you could redeem those instant winners in another Albertson 's region, I also feel that they are waiting until later in the game May to distribute "rare" stickers, it seems one would enhance one's chances by holding some if not all redeemable winners until later in the game--more chances at the time the will finally issue the "rare" ones.

Only one person's opinion!! I need piece x willing to pay for it. Please text me if you have it. Live in California. Have other pieces if you want to trade. I need X, s, w, w, t, tr, r, l, j, n m, p, p, v,v I need i will split the money with you devnkris11 yahoo. If you have any of these feel free to email me at MHenderson18 live.

I heard that you need to have the Code for the Rare Pieces. If you don't have the Code then the Piece is worthless. Is that true?

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Willing to split the prize or sell the ticket. Please contact me at masiit gmail. If you have T let's split the prize in half.. Hi Casey. I have an x Please email me to discuss, monopolyx gmail. I have the rare T piece.. I just need and I have tons of extra tickets ex: v for the big prizes as well. Hi - I I've got some rare or semi rare pieces Anyone have the pieces I've mentioned? PS - Contact me at ajkartist aol. I really think this game is a joke.

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I am positive the Rarest peice and the Semi Rare piece along with 2 other random pieces are always on the same ticket, just like others state when 4 markers are needed to win a prize ALL 4 markers are inside thatspecific ticket. So I beleve people whom have the rarest already won while us idiots are wasiting our time trying to get a match due to markers with the Rarest and Semi markers being on the same ticket.

We semi rare people are the only ones looking for a match hahahaha. Why dont you see anyone with rarest advertising to us who will take the lowest cut for their semi rare marker???? Starting to make all good sense to me. I have semi-rare pieces: X, T, and S Just like many others, I'm just trying to make something happen. Contact: crazyliar Hotmail. Does anyone have the Twizzlers piece for the ipad air or the Kellogg's bars piece for the Xbox One? Let me know and we can work something out: straitaheadprvrbs4 gmail.

I have a few "hard to gets". Let me know if you want to combine any to share I have: Good luck to all! Tawnibaker gmail. I've entered over codes today - not one a winner! I have semi rare piece P and the first one who wants it gets it. I will give it to you no need to buy it or make a deal. I tried to buy 75 tickets on ebay, and the posting was removed after I paid already. I complained to ebay, and they said that it was against their policy to sell "lotter tickets". Such BS. So I don't buy them from ebay anymore.

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I only found one other website that sells them, monopolytickets. I ordered 50, and they shipped them pretty fast.

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I would definitely recommend them instead of ebay. Good luck guys! Hoping for those rare pieces! Amazing Blog, Thanks For Sharing.. Albertsons Monopoly is back in ! Starting February 8th the game boards and Monopoly tickets will be available at Safeway and Albertsons stores. If you need this card from real hackers then here is their email: paulatmoffice gmail. Wire Bank Transfer all over the world.. Western Union Transfer all over the world..

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