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Good, supermarket fireworks are rubbish anyway, there's much better places to order from online. Read less Read more ive used this place several times before.. Edited by: "cainer1" 17th Oct. Good stuff, wasn't even able to hear my TV yesterday and windows were closed. Read less Read more Did you try turning it up? It's the few mucking it up for the many unfortunately. That's just how it is. And yes..

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  • The best supermarket fireworks deals ahead of Bonfire Night in Birmingham!

Actually caught fire but was at new year. My mum got hit in the head by a firework that was placed at an angle on a hill. Luckily it never exploded otherwise - worse case scenario - I could have grown up without ANY parents. Proper organised displays by professionals that know what they're doing are ok but they are still dangerous. Edited by: "Cloeeez" 17th Oct.

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Good idea I've always said they should be banned from general sale with licensed event's only using them. Read less Read more i think we can all cope with a bit of noise twice a year can't we, and i'm quite capable of organising a little bit of a display in my garden without the nanny state worrying to much about how fast my catherine wheel is spinning and how many db my air bomb repeater is cranking out.

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  5. My Nan was still enjoying fireworks well into her nineties, so each to their own I say. Read less Read more what next - pathetic deleting of comments on forums lmao. I'm all for organized displays though Why should organised displays be any different? Read less Read more It's not just twice a year. Bang out of order! Read less Read more 'Why should organised displays be any different?

    I have only ever bought fireworks once and i am not against the 'nanny state' per effing sec but you have to draw the line somewhere and this is about it imo if they can't organise this? Read less Read more But surely that should fall under the "nuisance neighbour" remit, where they can be reported to the council. Great news, hope all supermarkets follow suit. Read less Read more Quite like epic fireworks If you have a local stockist with celtic fireworks available that is usually a good sign celticfireworks.

    Edited by: "Bertz99" 17th Oct. Read less Read more Ironic you mention "nuisance neighbour" - That's you. So the firework equivalent would be a ban on noisy fireworks,. Read less Read more Personally I wouldn't complain at all about complaining neighbours.

    However if my fireworks usage were limited to a short period once or twice a year I would also ignore the neighbours' complaints.

    The best firework offers and bundle deals from Aldi, Tesco, Lidl and Asda

    Most of my neighbours hang out of their windows watching my display and cheer at the end. My dog isn't keen, but distract him with a ball in the front bedroom for half an hour and he's OK. Read less Read more Haha Standard fireworks The most rubbish of all the fireworks.

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    Read less Read more it's a metaphor, and has nothing specifically to do with horses or fireworks. Edited by: "thehiggsboson" 18th Oct. Read less Read more I think that was an analogy, not a metaphor. The fireworks cam with a great site plan for how I should lay things out with audience, safety area, fireworks and fall-out area. I was going to use it until I realised my garden is only 12m long. Amazingly, we all survived. I do remember a display we held a few years back when a firework fell over I didn't mount that one and started firing at the audience.

    Best supermarket firework deals from Aldi, Asda, Lidl, and Morrisons for Bonfire Night

    Everyone dived for cover except for the poor temporarily disabled guy in a wheelchair who was left there with shells exploding all around him. He survived too, and loves telling the story. So the firework equivalent would be a ban on noisy fireworks, Read less Read more gov. The neighbours sometimes attend our party anyway and they all know its a big family celebration. I do agree on one point you make, regarding the noisy fireworks.

    I'd think the noisiest fireworks should be banned from sale that includes organised displays too! Read less Read more Because it hasn't necessarily got anything to do with fireworks, its about you wanting to impose what you think is acceptable onto others, and your using noise and safety to try and do that. Read less Read more Imposing what you think is acceptable onto others?

    Where to buy the cheapest fireworks – and prices start at £1.29

    That is what laws do, and I think that fireworks should be licensed the whole year around. My argument has nothing to do with the safety of those setting off the fireworks. You know the risks so it's your choice. However, I have plenty of issues with the noise. I have already heard fireworks this week and no doubt there will be more over the next few months. However, especially on Diwali, fireworks go on after the time restrictions set in law. Your argument for near death experiences made me realise you don't think of a near death experience in the same way I do.

    You think near death experiences are for much smaller incidents than I do. My idea of near death experience is if you are standing in front of a bus and it nearly hits you but you get pushed out of the way just in time. Post a comment. Bold Deleted Italic Text. Bold Deleted Italic. Notify me when there are any replies. Submit Comment. Do you have what it takes to be a community VIP? Win some hotukdeals goodies every month! How do I sell to CEX ianshona. Text from Paym - "Somebody tried to send you money Any idea what it means?

    Tongue ring question: How long can you leave it out before Help 2 Buy Window Scheme.. Is this genuine or fraud? Really bad smell from back of fridge? UV Nail Drying Lamp Is there any way to find out the legal owner of a car please? Does it cost any extra to post to Northern Ireland from England? What shops blow up your own helium balloon please? A great deal here is The Equaliser piece box set, which contains a selection of fountains, shot tubes and Roman candles.

    If you're interested in getting value for money, Lidl's best shots-per-pound firework box is the Knight's Quest. Get more bang for your buck: earn cashback on every penny you spend with a cashback credit card. Don't get hit by horrible surprise costs after the event — make sure you have comprehensive buildings and contents insurance. If you damage your property, with a stray firework, for example, this can be claimed for under a comprehensive buildings insurance accidental damage cover plan.

    There are also certain precautions to keep in mind before the day.

    Fireworks should always be kept in a sealed tin and used one at a time. More money-saving tips: UK Flu vaccine cheap and free places to get this year's flu jab. Do you want to comment on this article?